1. Life is awesome. We are forever in awe. That is why we dance.

  2. We are going to do the absolute best that we can to create, with you, an experience beyond our expectations. Things happen, we respond. We will do whatever we can, with you in mind, to keep this experience safe and amazing!

  3. Ticket sales are fulfilled by the fine folks at Megatix. Please see their terms and conditions for more information.

  4. Life is unpredictable. We are ready for that. Thanks for thinking positive thoughts. If circumstances prevail that affect our ability to produce this festival. We will reimburse the cost of the ticket if we cannot reschedule to a day and location near to the advertised time and place of this event.

  5. Attendees and contributors are not going to break any laws. If they do, they are no longer affiliated to the Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival. You will be in big trouble. Not with us… with the authorities. We don’t want any trouble.

  6. The venue is amazing. If you are an attendee or contributor, you promise to treat it like you would your cherished family home. That’s be great!

  7. You will take care of yourself. Drink lots of water. Protect your ears. Watch your step. Because in Indonesia you can’t sue. So it’s really on you. We have your safety as our highest commitment and concern. Then our second highest concern and commitment is to the overall vibe… thanks for joining us in these two top priorities!